First blog post

“This is your very first post,” it says.

A new start. A fresh beginning.

I don’t know how many more of those I can take this year.

I am starting over, and over, and over. New semester, getting ready for another new school next year, new church programs, new premarital counseling, new hairstyles, new new new and it is all beautiful, but it’s a bit overwhelming at times, which is why I’m doing this one more new.

My life is a little weird. I’ve always been pretty aware of that fact, because if I personally had managed to remain oblivious to it, I would make it a mere 24-48 hours before an ever-so-kind bully would remind me that I was a freak. Fresh starts were attempts at new friendships, trying something else that maybe I would actually be good at, pretending the new opportunities were not as overwhelming as they were beautiful all at the same time…

This is my very first post. Welcome to a journey of firsts, and lasts, and in-betweens that never seem to end until, suddenly, they do.


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