Homemade Hummus — Garlic & Black Pepper

Hello all! Hoping you all had a lovely weekend, full of good food and great people — I know mine was. In honor of the Oil of the Week (Black Pepper / Black Pepper Vitality), I decided to mix up some hummus this weekend with the always flavorful oil! Here's my favorite balance: 1 can … Continue reading Homemade Hummus — Garlic & Black Pepper

Loving People & Living as an Introvert

  I realized my introversion when I was 13. Up until that point I had always thought introvert = quiet and extrovert = loud, so I had automatically thrown myself into the latter category and not thought much about it. As a homeschooler, I never wanted for time alone before that point, so I had … Continue reading Loving People & Living as an Introvert

Making Time for Reading

Since when did reading make me lazy? According to Pew Research Center, only about 72% of US adults read a book in any format in the last year. It averages out to about 12 books per American adult p… Source: Making Time for Reading