Small Bites, Big Impact

“Remember to read your Bible!”

Every week, this phrase is shouted over children’s ministry classrooms and youth groups across the United States. When I was growing up, we would be given weekly reading plans, family activities, and even have competitions for which group read the most of their Bible when the teachers were really desperate. Reading x chapters was a badge of honor to be worn, and those who read the most could even earn “points” to be spent in a little “store” full of candy.

A little fun and games is all well and good, but as I got older, this repeated mantra began to have an impact on how I valued reading my Bible — putting quantity over quality. Why, I read my x chapters every day, I’m doing pretty good at this! As I zipped through Leviticus and skimmed over Hebrews at the end of each day, it became more about checking a box or finishing a plan than really dwelling on what I was reading. So, I have started focusing on plans that only have a couple verses a day, and focusing on those.

Yep. I’m drawing closer to Jesus by reading less of my Bible.

It admittedly felt wrong at first, because we all know the most Jesus-y people read at least 5 chapters a day and go through the whole Bible twice a year and… well, maybe that’s just me, but the pressure was on. If you read 5 chapters a day, and that works for where you are, then that’s great, but if you are overwhelmed with checking the boxes and have to read-and-run without dwelling on the Word and what it’s telling you, maybe it’s time to shrink down to a small bite you can really chew.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew — a small bite of steak and broccoli will give you way more nourishment than 50 chicken nuggets, and a few verses you can dwell on and learn from will help your walk way more than a whole lot of verses that don’t stay with you.


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