Best Times to Nap

You know the feeling, you finally sit down to study at the end of the day and… zzz… zzzzz……

It’s important to schedule your day with these slumps in mind, and find ways to study when you are already alert and lay down for a rest when your body and brain are already slowing down. According to the Wall Street Journal, we tend to be less alert right after eating a meal. We are also likely to experience a slump around mid-afternoon, which is why Mayo Clinic recommends around 2-3pm as a good nap time for most adults.

That same Mayo Clinic article also recommends keeping naps to about 10-30 minutes, because longer naps tend to leave people feeling groggier than when they went to sleep. Unless you’re ill, keeping naps down to a powerful half-hour segment is likely your best option so you don’t lose your day to sleep.


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