Quick Breathers — Why 10-30 minutes away makes a better work and study day

There’s no time to rest! I’ve got 4 papers to write, 6 homework assignments, 3 chapters to read, and I haven’t loaded the dishwasher in 3 days…

In the modern world, it’s easy to start feeling like there is no time to take a break. We spend so much time filling every single second with something to be productive, boost our GPA, fill out our resumes and earn an extra few bucks, that it starts to feel like we have no choice but to keep sprinting on this hamster wheel.

Not. True.

Maybe we don’t all have the time to take a week off from the world, but we can all make time to take a 10-minute breather every here and there so we don’t turn into some fire breathing dragon in human form.

Next time you’re feeling like slamming your head into your desk, instead of forcing yourself to keep rushing on, take a few minutes to breathe. Between 10 and 30 minutes is generally the charm, and it can be anything. If you’re a video gamer, play a quick round. If you are an aspiring chef, make some no-bake cookies. Whatever restores your soul in the middle of the madness, take some time to focus on that and nothing else. Studying, writing, working, does not get to touch this section of time — you have tunnel vision toward something that feeds you, physically, emotionally, mentally, however. You’ll be amazed how much a quick break, even if it feels like you’re “getting nothing done,” can give you a chance to do more and better in the long run.


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