Empathy’s Good, Bad, & Ugly — Learning From Life

Just like most good qualities and habits, empathy is a double edged sword. The ugly part of empathy is that it makes things messy. Instead of being able to stay inside your own heart and mind and operate based on that, it forces you outside of that bubble and into other peoples' ideas, opinions, and … Continue reading Empathy’s Good, Bad, & Ugly — Learning From Life

Empathy & You

For years, the first thing I thought of when I heard the word "empathy" was a line from Psych , "You know I'm an empathetic crier." While I am not an empathetic crier, I am definitely an empathetic person. There is just something in the air whenever a person around me has a specific emotion, … Continue reading Empathy & You

Room for Rest

Do you have a place in your home specifically set aside for rest? A corner of your dorm, a room in your house, a pile of blankets and pillows? It can be difficult to set aside space specifically for rest and relaxation, especially when living in a small space. Dorm, apartment, house with other humans, … Continue reading Room for Rest