DIY Linen Spray

Sleep, oh how I’ve missed thee.

In a world full of shifts to work, areas to clean, and subjects to study, it can be hard to really unwind at the end of the day (especially when you need to for an early morning ahead). What if I told you that the secret to a good night’s sleep may well be scent?

Think about it: there are few things more refreshing than sheets fresh out of the dryer, the smell of chocolate chip cookies, fresh cut grass… the smells of childhood. In the same way, relaxing scents like lavender have a way of telling our brains to start switching gears and going to sleep. My solution to the rolling, tossing, turning, and being stuck awake is a linen spray. All you need is:

1 cup water

10 drops lavender oil (make sure it’s high quality — not thinned, not solvent distilled, from a reputable company, etc)

1 glass spray bottle

Pour the cup of water into the spray bottle, add 10 drops of lavender, screw the lid on, and viola! No more needlessly late nights.



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